Obama’s Children

They are part of the 47% of people [citizens and non-citizens] living in the United States that don’t pay taxes. They feed off the federal, state and local welfare tit. They are “citizens” of the welfare state and they quite logically cannot favor policies that will reduce the national debt because that will require in part the reduction of the welfare services currently provided by our government structure. However, if we fail to make the entitlement adjustments and reduction in tax loop holes we will destroy the welfare system Obama’s children have grown to depend on. We could have an actual revolution, killings, etc. or we could have a economic renaissance but if we do, it is clear Obama’s children will have to change their life style and work ethic, not likely since we have spent at least 30 years conditioning Obama’s children to revel in the welfare state. By the way, Obama’s children are the results of 30 years of the congress and resident Presidents seeking re-election to power, and in that process giving huge numbers of people what they want and for “free.” For those of us who actually pay taxes and have a real concern about the credit ratings of our country and, more importantly the work ethic of our country, we need to take action. We need to elect congressmen and women that will stand up for the basic beliefs we have in a balanced budget, entitlements that aid but don’t help citizens to skate from their responsibilities, tax codes that are simple and bring all of the people living in this country into tax paying supporters of this country. It seems simple, but we can’t forget greed and power, so frequently the motivators of our candidates for office. It is simple: elect those with likeminded concerns and a level of ethics and we can turn the policies of the government, give practical reasons for Obama’s children to become tax paying, work sharing residents in this country. If we don’t do these things, we will sink into an abyss that we, as a nation will not be able to crawl out of and if that does happen, Obama’s children will become like the Greeks, Spanish, Italians and probably many more nations where the outrage over loss of the welfare state will lead to various levels of revolution with many nations being overtaken by extremist elements making promises to the “their” children on welfare that they will not be able to or will not want to deliver. Please vote!

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