A Cat for Barack

One day a cat, we’ll call Leroy because that was the name on his nametag stopped by my house, we assume for food.  Gradually Leroy ingratiated himself with my family.  He was of mixed Asian heritage with a charm that made almost everyone like him and while he was clearly a feral cat he tapped into as many of my neighbors willing to give him treats or food.  In our case we traced him to his “owner” via the telephone number on his nametag.  We called the owner and she told us of finding Leroy in Paris [Texas that is] and when they moved to Ft. Worth they brought him to their new home.  His owner noted that Leroy did not like the long car ride and while he stayed around their new house for food he would no longer come inside.  She said we were welcome to take care of him because they had had their fill of spending money and carrying for an animal that wouldn’t be a member of their family. 


Leroy started hanging around our house every day and eventually we started buying him his “favorite” food and treats.  We took him to the vet, got him his shots, patched up his wounds from confrontations with other cats and in the process he became quit “taxing” on the family budget.  If Leroy had brought home a family [he couldn’t because he was fixed] he would have taxed me right out of my support for him.  Get the message Barack? 

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