Tribes or Nation Building?

Tribes or Nation Building in the Middle East?


As an average citizen of this country I marvel at the debate between political leaders and the public on Nation Building in Iraqi.  Simply stated Iraqi and most other middle-eastern territories or countries if that term applies are in fact a collection of tribes.  It seems that Iraqi is a prime example of our countries leaders trying to mold this collection of tribes into a “nation”, preferably like ours, since these leaders believe all people will be happy if they have our governing rules and personal desires.  Clearly this assumption is not true.  Witness the northern part of Iraqi where tribal rule is working very successfully without adopting our governmental policies but trading with us on a sophisticated business level.  The point of my statement is that we should stop trying to change tribal rule and learn to live with the segments of the middle east that are potential trading partners. Let’s deal with them on their terms negotiating the best deals we can make and leave their political systems in place, keep a good eye on changing tribal winds and go with the flow

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