A week ago I sent a four-minute video to several of my friends that suggested they see the movie 2016.  Last night I viewed the movie myself.  There have been many reviews of the film with the liberal media like The New York Times calling the film biased and the author Dinesh D’Souza an anti-Obama conservative, duh!


Actually, the author was born in the same year as Obama. They each went to an Ivy league school, graduated the same year, and got married the same year as each other.  The point is Dinesh grew up in the same economic surroundings that Obama experienced in Kenya and Thailand.


Dinesh is convinced that Obama has set his personal and political goals based on his father’s beliefs, beliefs that were guided by an anti colonial passion that drove him to the left and away from basic American beliefs.


Probably the best review is from Slate’s David Weigel’s “mostly solid” highlighting how D’Souza does not drown in conservative conspiracy theories. “The movie is really too good to get pedantic about,” he wrote. “There are no conspiracy theories about Obama’s birth, religion, Social Security number, passport, or college transcript. Instead, there is a deep dive into Barack Obama’s known Communist associates, his late father’s avowed socialism, and his mother’s radicalism.


Dick Evans from Naples, Florida wrote a letter to the editor and closed with this statement.

“The purpose of my letter is to challenge the voters who call themselves, Independents or those who have second thoughts about voting for Obama a second time. If you aren’t sure or find yourself sitting on the fence now, go see “2016”! For those whose attitude is why vote, what does it matter or there’s no difference between politicians. Go see “2016”! If you are apathetic, indifferent, or are getting worn out by the barrage of political ads, go see “2016”. I dare you!”  So do I, see it and make your own decision.


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  1. Saw it at the matinee. 1st day in my city. Theater full. I believe our president relies on the American public for ignorance and weakness. He understands influence. He thrives on weakness. I propose we educated our children and neighbors on the teachings of Washington and Jefferson. I am frightened of our future.

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