Revolution, Violent Revolution, What Will it Take?

Any talk of revolution should be approached cautiously but violent revolution is, should be unconscionable – still it might be a consideration under certain circumstances.

The logical question is what circumstances could cause a violent revolution in this country?

First is the loss of whole categories of foods, wheat, and dairy and of course meat.  Could this happen here? Yes it could if we have government controls put on distribution of foods. This could come about because of the failure of our currency and the subsequent inability of our government to be able to pay for food goods and the ultimate decision to ration groceries.

Second the violent revolution could happen if private militia groups in many states decided to intercept the distribution of foods goods by the government and redistribute those goods based on what these private militias see are appropriate. This could lead to armed conflict between the militia and the government troops.  Of course there is a legitimate question as whether the government troops will actually fire on the militia or citizens rushing to food depots and attempting to take what they and their families needed.

Third the people might be inclined to group together for protection from government troops or prevent militia’s from other geographic areas taking the precious foods stuffs they have started to store for personal use.  They may also see fit to join militia groups that they would have called extremist just months before the collapse of the economy and be assured that this will be the destruction of our nation economy.  The net affect of these actions could create a new set of  “states,” ridiculous you say; I say not.

What I hope is that we will correct this spiral into debt, reach an accord at the congressional level and reaffirm our commitment to a government of the people, by the people and based on the constitution.  Remember we did have a violent revolution and we can have that again, with just the three simple steps I laid out.

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