Just a Media Moment

There is much talk about media bias.  Sarah Palin had a great line, lame stream media as opposed to mainstream media.  The inference of Sarah’s designation for media as being lam is just not factual.  When the media determines it is in their best interest to avoid direct statements about how they feel on a political issue they use the cover of advocates for politicians or parties, quoted as an authority.  Most of the major media players are adapt at playing this game of misdirection.  Generally speaking the media has enjoyed a better than average education by top line schools and while not all come from journalism school they are as a percentage launched into the real world with an education governed by the liberal, sometimes rebellious left of center professors.  They are ambitious by nature of youth and eager to prove their professor’s bias’s against the business establishment and in search of the truth, as a well-educated liberal would see it.


There are exceptions to the “professional” journalist that populate the traditional networks, cable news networks and radio networks or syndicated services.  Tamron Hall from The Today Show and in the afternoon with her own show on MSNBC is an example of a product of the liberal media’s strength in the news-reporting world.  Tamron is blatant in her support of the Obama administration and almost angry when theories that do not support her bias to the liberal side are suggested by her quests.  I point this out because she feels insulated from recourse against inaccurate or biased reporting.  She feels she will not be called to task, particularly on her statements coming from her MSNBC.


Another example would have to be Soledad O’Brien from CNN.  Soledad works for a network that is openingly liberal or maybe even anti-conservative.  In any case when she slants the story and is confronted on air she references her talking points provided by liberal bloggers who act as her researcher resource.  Unlike Tamron who is relatively young in her news roll Soledad is an “experienced” news reporter and a liberal interrupter.  One interesting fact is that Tamron in her newsreader on the Today Show is totally impartial in her stories, more likely the product of the producers of the show.


A reasonable question would be; is the liberal bent effective in swaying the viewer or listener?  Well there in lies the name of this article “Just a Media Moment.”  The subtly of how facts, figures, witness statements, quotes out of context can sway voters in “a moment or more.


Debbie Wassermann Shultz, Chair of the 2012 Democratic National Convention said in an interview to more than one news outlet stated that the ambassador from Israel said the Republican party’s position on the United States foreign policy regarding the state of Israel was dangerous to Israelis.  The ambassador when questioned denied that he had said any such thing.  The reporter reported the ambassador’s statement along with Debbie’s statement.  When Debbie was challenged by an on air reporter about her version of the Israeli ambassador’s statement she denied she had ever made such a statement.  Debbie blamed the newspaper reporter claiming he was from a conservative newspaper and what did anyone expect except that the paper would deliberately misquote her.


The next day the newspaper reporter released the recording of the interview in which he had quoted her exactly. Debbie lied, no question about it, she lied.  Not one of the liberal press question Debbie about that lie, they didn’t follow up with the recorded statement, they tried to brush it under rug.  So a moment or more is all that is needed to make a major impact on the creditability of a candidacy or party.  A moment that could be ignored by a bias press but in this case a reporter from a newspaper wouldn’t let Debbie’s lie stand and wouldn’t be shutdown by media outlets that didn’t want to be told a representative of their preferred party had lied and lessened the believability of the democrat party.  That is a real example of media bias; there are many more less discernable and subtle bias’s that occurred in news reporting


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