The Real Anita

The Real Anita.

The Real Anita

Antia is a small town girl from Alabama.  In her small black community she was“by birth” a democrat as were all here relatives and friends.  She got a good education and in time looked for some sort of social work, preferably in her own community.  Fate struck in that she was able to go to Washington D.C.   Eventually she was hired by a socially liberal organization called Acorn.  She was excited because this group expressed the intention to work within the law to achieve social justice, a platform if you will aligned with the democrat partyobjectives.  However one day she saw some documents that were at odds with the law and that led to her investigating other suspicious documents and actions by the Acorn management and employees.

Anita complied a series of documents that clearly defined the illegal acts ofAcorn and contacted The New York Times.  Over a period of three months she had several private conversations with a specific reporter from the paper then she became concerned that no articles were being published.  She contacted other news outlets, CNN, CBS and FOX.  Eventually The New York Times reporter told her they would not use the story during such a crucial time in the Presidential election.  The reporter explained that these revelations of Acorn’s blatant violation of the laws promoting the democratic agenda and President Obama’s campaign might tip the election against him.  She was shocked at the mainstream media bias and their rejection of her documentation and personal testimony.  Eventually some stories about theAcorn agenda reached the pubic; the government was forced to address the outrageous actions of Acorn and withdrew government funding and other subtle support activities.  If you want the full story visit Anita Moncrief on the Internet and read how a good democrat from Alabama became a whistle blower on Acorn and more importantly was stonewalled by the mainstream media.

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