For some sixty years I’ve followed politics in this country and as a matter of fact to some degree around the world.  When I was twenty I worked for the Democrat Party and after being disillusioned with decision makers in that party I moved to the Republican Party, only to be disillusioned by their politics.  Understand I was active in both parties recruiting voters, setting up meetings, and being a ward boss in one party.  The bottom line is that at the tender age of twenty-three I had had it with politics and swore I would never help either party again.  Over the years I tempered my hatred of the backroom politics I had experienced in my brief career as an activist.  I eventually chose the socially liberal financially conservative trail as opposed to the large government, liberal approach.  In all that experience of dealing with or observing politics I never heard a campaign that included the word liar when referring to an opponent, oh I had heard phrases such as dishonest, scoundrel, cheat, con artist, deceiver, deluder, rascal but I didn’t hear anyone say the opponent was an outright liar.


This week I heard the term Liar used as a campaign stratgey.  The truth is the strategy may actually work; it worked for Hitler when he told the big lie often enough that people believed it was true. No I am not calling anyone a Hitler lover, supporter, or proponent of Hitler’s philosophy.  I’m saying that the “liar strategy” is one of the most, if not the most twisted campaign strategies I’ve ever seen. However me saying it will not stop it from happening.  What will have to happen is the voters will actually have to work to verify what the opponents say about each other, check the facts of claims made and statistics that are offered up so that we all get the facts straight in this very important election.  Suffice to say it is a small request for the voters to do due diligent involving such an important responsibility as a citizen’s right to vote.

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