With politics the word of the day we all see, read, hear the results of polling research.  It is not unusual for me to receive five calls a week or more from polling firms.  I frequently get on line polls and in some case snail mail polls.  They request the kinds of information that we are used to giving to strangers and frankly there doesn’t seem to be anything untoward about providing basic information.  Well we are all wrong.  “Polling” now is a year round business and with FaceBook, Twitter, etc. the pollsters have an inside view of us that is truly insidious.


I advocate that we as individuals give false information to all pollsters.  We must recognize that the information they gather from us gives them our prejudices, sex preferences, potty habits. Books we read, the subject of the e-mails sent, in other words everything some one could know about a person.


The information gathered is and will be used to influence the products you purchase, your political intentions, sexual preferences in other words everything about your life is in that poll.  However if we don’t tell them the truth or give them just partial truths we throw them off the trail of invading one’s personal life.  For example go to a website that features programming you don’t give a damn about, like fashion for some men, sports for some women and leave it on for weeks at a time, it will throw the hours consumed for a certain subject all out of kilter or order a pamphlet for a book on sailing when you wouldn’t go near the water.  Well you get the idea; don’t let them paint a “perfect picture” of your life because they will use that against you in the future.  Throw their models out of sorts and fight back for individuality.

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