Is it Real?

Is it Real?

We have heard for over a year that as a country we are in debt to the tune of 16 trillion dollars. My question is; does the average citizen really understand that we individually as well as collective owe16 trillion dollars in debt? It is very hard to comprehend this amount of debt even when it is expressed as $51,600 an individual or $141,622 as a family. The point of this blog is that the national debt seems totally out of our realm of thinking, of digesting as a real threat to our family. Rather most of our citizens think it is a theoretical problem to be solved by the government. The government’s job is to address these large problems and solve the issues without materially affecting our citizen’s lives. The truth is that the debt is real and we as individuals and families are responsible. If you question my statement look at what is happening in Greece today. The unemployment rate is over 25%, currency is being devalued, have you tried to change Euros for dollars recently, administrative services such as waste management and education are being reduced dramatically and the debt will not be reduced for seven years. My message is; take the debt as a real obligation that the government cannot negotiate our way out of it. In the final analysis we the citizens are going to be responsible for and have to pay it back in terms of reduced administrative services, higher taxes and a huge debt passed on to our children and grand children.

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