It’s About Today and Tomorrow

There’s much that the politicians can learn about the recent election. I think it is amply clear to most Republicans that they need to rethink their goals and objectives. Probably the most important thing they need to do as the GOP is drop the Grand Old Party title and encourage the far right religiously driven voting contingent to form their own party. They would probably have to side with the new Republican Party on most voting issues with the possible exception of some financial issues where the Libertarians would best reflect their beliefs. Of course they couldn’t vote as a block with the Libertarians because of the party’s liberal position on most social issues.

The far right would be very much like the black electorate that voted 97% with the democrat party because they had no other option. I know that some say the heavy vote for the democrats by the black population was because the President is partially black. My point is that if the President had been Mexican American and a democrat the blacks would have to vote for him and the other democrats running because they have no other practical option. Now I’m certain that some on the liberal side will say my observations are a racist comment but I don’t think that will fly in the face of realities of the voting history of the black community. Further the observations by some in the black community that Obama isn’t really black, he is just half black and the black community won’t be happy until a “real” black is elected as President of this country frees my comments from being racist.

On a financial consideration basis one of my liberal friends have made some suggests that a global tax be applies to U.S. basis corporations to lessen our national debt. The examples he has offered are complex, very difficult to police if not impossible. The truth is that any good international accountant or CFO can find ways around this kind of tax. In my friends example he uses Star Bucks as a corporation we can tax on a global basis. In fact in using Star Bucks he shows how a smart organization circumvents the taxes in various countries by buying a commodity cheap in one country then processing it cheaply in another country, we presumed by favored business practices to make the end product tax free in the UK. He hasn’t but he may suggest that our government could track down the many steps involved in this kind of a transaction. He may well suggest that since our government can identify every mad cow in this country they can follow a complex financial trial. I on the other hand I might offer our countries inability to find and capture eleven million immigrants as an example of their incompetence.

In order to address the financial debt we face and will face in the next four years I ask my liberal friend to first acknowledge that a democrat controlled Senate in power for the last two years of the Bush administration endorse and encourage the over expenditures by the Bush management team. Then I ask him to stop using Bush as the basis for every defense he makes of the Obama expenditures that drive the national debt up daily and weaken the social security and Medicare financial stability. Instead find a way just as Obama will with immigration to bring illegal immigrants into citizenship, bring our corporations funds back to the country without excessive penalties or taxes, off shore corporate funds that can be used to start new businesses.

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