2056, I Mean 2043

2056, I mean 2043

Fifteen years ago I started a book called 2056. The story in the form of a novel dealt with a University of Michigan study that indicated our country would become a majority of color by the year 2056. It covered the unique segments of the Hispanic population between Puerto Rico immigrants, Cubans, Mexicans, Central Americans and South Americans. I also covered the influx and influences of Asians, the gay community and of course the divisive elements of the black community. The story centered on a Caucasian President, his Hispanic wife and his recognition that he would not win a second term given the special interest of each of these diverse political groups. The President decides that he will convince his wife to run for his second term and in turn he would “control” her. Not so fast, he was going to control a bright and strong willed woman? She goes along with his suggestion but builds her own coalition among the diverse groups in anticipation of making her run for president as a real president.

You may or may not agree with the idea of the story line but I doubt you would disagree with the U of M study predicting 2056 as the year we become a majority of color. Well I’m here to disagree. The U.S. Census projection is now 2043 when we become a nation of majority color. The Census Bureau has designated the controlling factor in the voter base multiracial. Interestingly the Census Bureau projects the same needs in 2043 for our citizens as they do today, educating new immigrants.

I actually believe it is more than possible that the early 2030’s will become the crossover of this country to a “multiracial” voting base. Will the Caucasian community be ready to accept a totally different role in our government and the probable resulting change in laws I doubt they will be. The good news is that as the republican party is being forced to deal with mind boggling changes the Caucasians will of necessity have to deal with changes the forefathers of this country would never have considered possible.

I wish I had finish my book, 2056 because it offered some really interesting interactions between diverse peoples at the political level, but I didn’t, anyone want to try a projection of 2043?

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