The Unions and the Republicans have a lot in common

The Unions and the Republicans have a lot in common

It’s scary how much the Unions and the Republicans have in common. The Republicans can’t accept that this country, one way or another will be a predominately multiracial culture by 2034. They will have to come to grips with being a minority and allowing “illegal” immigrants to come into this country with only minor restrictions. They will have to understand that in the culture we are heading for Caucasians will be a minority and religion will not be allowed as an issue in electing our congress.
They will have to change the structure of the party to accommodate more progressive thinking.

The Unions were an important arm of labor’s movement during the 30’s, 40’ and 50’s in gaining better work conditions and decent pay for workers in factories and other large manufacturing organizations. Today they are a bloated bureaucracy feeding off the government ruling from days gone by that if the shop goes union the worker must have dues deducted from their salaries. Union dues that are used to support the democrat party who in turn propagate union policies. One of the biggest targets was the civil service at the Federal, state and local levels unionizing them and going after big retirement and health packages and they succeeded.

Today the unions are most afraid of the word they used in their initial efforts to form unions in the mining and automotive world, choice. They are losing the battle because states and local government are saying that the employee has a right to choose whether they pay union dues. They are also losing the battle because the retirement programs and health services that they succeeded in achieving during negotiations are not sustainable in the current economy. The unions need to learn just like the Republicans that the world is changing and they the unions need to actually offer specific services and help to their union members and comparable offers to potential union members.

Can you imagine how Republicans and Unions will feel when they read how much they have in common? The truth is that it is sad and both of these entities will have to change if they expect to survive.

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