Beta Prostate

If you are a male you cannot be unaware of the potentially terrible affects of prostate cancer on your body, love life and longevity. It is no wonder then that producers of products design to treat prostate problems are flooding the airways with advertising and introducing what have been traditional marketing methods to create samplings.

One such marketing tactic is “free” product with a promise to return your money if you are not completely satisfied. However this marketing approach offers the supplement manufacturer another source of income, your name, address and your health condition. This mailing list is possibly more valuable than the profits on the sale of supplement because “everyone” in the health care field wants direct marketing access to people in need of medical care services. Everything from durable medical goods, to insurances, to salves and creams want that list and they will pay for it, all to the betterment of the company that got that list by providing “free” goods. There is nothing wrong with this except for the fact that we as the public are giving up our personal information and we don’t always realize the level of access this information provides marketers and even more importantly the government. Yes the government has access to your personal information including but not limited to medical facts and figures. Facts and figures that could play into benefits and costs of your personal health care.

I urge you to stop and think before you give out any information about yourself. I know this is a familiar plea but the urgency of the problem is real and only you can prevent exploitation of your personal information.

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