Executive powers pressed

Anita Kuma, Washington bureau reporter for the Star-Telegram wrote an article titled “Obama presses executive power.” The jest of the article is that Obama came into the White House with the idea that he was skeptical of pushing executive power if it appeared to be circumventing Congress. She goes on to say that he has used this questionable power to further his liberal party members goals in the area of the Marriage Act, tamping down the defense department, researching gun violence and delaying deportation of illegal immigrants. AT the same time he has gone ahead with drone launches including killing U.S. citizens overseas who support terrorist activities directed at the U.S.

My take is that Obama welcomes the use of executive powers because it allows him to pursue the agenda he had from the first day he ran for office in Illinois. I also suggest that if congress doesn’t do something to curb Obama’s use of executive powers they the congress will soon become an after thought in the law making process in this country. Even worse for democrats if republicans actually win a presidential election in the future the rules will be cast for the same abuse of executive powers that Obama is practicing.

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