To Save One Person

As the gun amendments were falling President Obama speaking in the Rose Garden struck out at the congress and in a sense at millions of U.S. citizens about his failure to win. What hit me was that the President made a statement; one which I will paraphrase; if these gun laws pass and only save one life it will be worth it. It would seem on the surface a worthwhile thought unless you consider what he is really saying. The President is saying that millions of gun owners or potential owners can give up their right to buy certain types of guns [the Feinstein amendment], to be registered on a national basis and require both approval to sell and buy and keep records of all of these transactions for the rest of their lives. It may not be that he is interested in saving that one life he referenced but rather a mark on the win column of his administration in his second term. His first term is lost unless Obamacare survives a very tough scrutiny and budget constraints.


While there is a great deal of controversy concerning the FBI role with the Boston bombers what caught my interest was the numerous TV reports of the number of interviews the agency had performed with possible terrorist. I have not been able to confirm the “thousands” number but clearly the FBI isn’t denying they conduct numerous interviews. What that tells me is that we have many more disgruntled citizens than I imagined.

I have heard Peter King from New York say the city of New York has prevented 16 potential terrorist plots which is a lot but not in the category of thousands of potential terrorist. Should we as citizens be asking for a statement from the FBI, Homeland Security and the Obama administration giving us the numbers of our immigrants, visa visitors and U.S. citizens who are being considered as potential threats to our country, our government and our citizens?

Dem Challenges Sebelius

For more than two years I have along with many others smarter than me predicted that the American public, according to many polls found Obamacare offensive and suspicious. During the last year I’ve written several articles outlining the impending financial disaster Obamacare or the misnamed Affordable Care Act represents.

Kathleen Sebelius on the other hand has predicted with absolute certainty that the ACA will be implemented on time with material costs savings to the public and open the door to 30 million citizens receiving affordable health care for the first time.

Max Baucus Senate Finance Committee Chairman said
“I just see a huge train wreck coming down” and he told Sebulius “you need to fix this.” Max is the first democrat to question the implementation of ACA in public and it is important because he is up for re-election in 2014 and he was a major supporter and writer of the Obamacare plan when it was introduced. He will not be the last democrat to express doubts about ACA and while Sebulius tries to blame the Republicans all the nation knows there is no Republican hand on the rudder of Obamacare.

Boston Shutdown by Force

I’m not a conspiracy theorist or do I believe national gun registration is designed to allow the possibility of all the guns being confiscated at some point in the near future. Having said I’m not a conspiracy theorist I still may have to apologize to my friends and acquaintances that are suspicious about the administrations ultimate goals of total national military control. Why would I make such a statement?

Any American citizen who has watched the TV coverage of the manhunt in Boston could not helped but be impressed by number of armed local police, swat teams, state police, ATF, FBI and Massachusetts and National guard members involved in the hunt. The federal government using Home Land Security directives coupled with the FBI have been able to close down the City of Boston, over 625,000 people in less than two hours. Citizens were directed to stay in their homes, mass transportation was terminated for many hours, and even the airport was closed down briefly. All of these actions were taken with good reason, to find and arrest a terrorist.

However I can’t ignore how easy it was for the government using every kind of gun available, mostly with multi magazine bullets, many with armor piercing ammunition to close down Boston. These are high-powered guns, the ones Dianne Feinstein wanted eliminated for John Q Public. No wonder state militias are paranoid about the government being able to identify Americans who own guns and where they live. The government could disarm our citizens by maintaining the arsenal existing at every level of law enforcement. Clearly planning and executing on an accelerated scale the government is able to shut down major cities like they did with Boston within two hours. Do I think it will happen as a plan by the administration to disarm this country, no? Could it happen, probably, yes?


April 19, 2013


If there is a theme that has come through from the mainstream media and ancillary cable networks it is that 90% of American’s favor “stricter gun control laws.” In fact the media in concert with the White House has waged a campaign for passage of any and all new gun laws proposed based on the pain expressed by relatives of those killed at Sandy Hook and their almost constant appeals in the media and that poll data that says 90% of us want new gun control laws passed. The mainstream media say’s; if the country doesn’t pass those new laws the congress and all who support their positions against the changes in laws offered up are unspeakable cowards with no sense of conviction and a total disregard for the feeling of the American people.

Wait, according to a AP/GFK poll conducted this week “enacting stricter gun controls laws” is now 49%, a considerable difference from the 90% touted by newscasters, commentators and pundits yet this new poll has not been mentioned by the mainstream media, at least to my knowledge. Worst of them is MSNBC experiencing apoplexy as they screamed this morning about the stupidity of the Republicans failing to support new gun laws and running the pictures of offending elected officials full screen to “shame” them for being liars, deceitful and failing to recognized that 90% of Americans wanted new stricter gun control laws. Whoops, I mean 49% wanted stricter gun control laws. Oh well what does a 41% point mistake count when President Obama and the mainstream media wants stricter gun laws and they want them now…or else!

Boston Bombing

The verdict is still out as to whether the bombing was a terrorist action and if it was whether or not domestic or international in nature. The one thing we would probably all agree is that the perpetrators whether they are part of a group or an individual nut case are crazy. It is probably also reasonable to agree that the purpose with two bombs was to kill as many of our citizens as possible. The good news if there can be any in a case like this is that so far only three people have been killed but the carnage is undeniable and with seventeen people on the critical list and numerous amputations because of the type of bombs used it was clearly intentional. I feel confident that many government officials and anti gun advocates will ask the question; why don’t we have laws against people buying explosive materials. Of course we do have such laws. However people who want to use explosives for bad purposes will find a way around those laws. The anti gun groups might say why don’t we have backgrounds checks on guns and then the government could have interviewed people buying guns and determined whether or not they might want to use explosives to hurt people. I don’t believe any logically thinking citizens would really believe that background checks would have prevented this act of what appears to be terrorist acts. You cannot stop all crazy people or fanatical groups who want to kill or mangle U.S. citizens.

Why are you so Surpised?This week 14 people were stabbed on a Texas college campus, 435 died in Chicago in 2012 from gunshot wounds [mostly handguns] and then we have Sandy Hook and Colorado 2 mass slayings clearly done by mentally unbalanced individuals. If you want a reason I’ll give you one. The economic, political, international turmoil of the last 12 years create pressures on the individual and families that sooner or later tend to explode. We can expect more turmoil not less for the next several years. More mass killings, international confrontations, possibly creating another war or two, return of the draft as more and more reservists and military career minded candidates say; it is too damn dangerous to enlist. The answer is not new gun laws, we don’t enforce the ones we have, nor is the answer avoiding dealing with the mental illnesses spreading at a more than alarming rate because at least in part the things I just mentioned. For those who don’t have the comfort of being designated as mentally ill, we are left with feeling oppressed, out of sorts, angry [without specifying what we are angry at] and most importantly we don’t know what to do about it. I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t volunteer my answer to these problems although I have no assures my suggestions will work. Reestablish your family or if you aren’t married yet think carefully about what you want for your family in the way of economic stability. Vote for politicians at every level, local, state and national but only vote for those candidates that actually reflect your thoughts about the key issues, economic, political and international issues. This means you need to research issues and arrive at conclusions or at least positions on those issues. If you can identify others with similar values and economic objectives meet with them and support your beliefs in every way possible. Note I didn’t say political parties are the answers, but I do believe you need to develop core beliefs. I also believe these objectives and goals are very difficult to achieve but we better make big changes now or we will like the Roman Empire crumple from our own decadents. Wake up and fly right.