I know what will make Obamacare work

The Associated Press in a recent article says that Representative Jan Schakowsky, Democrat from Illinois indicates ACA will be popular “once Americans see how it works” she goes on to say “they are going to love it much like Medicare.”

However if you go further into the article AP acknowledges that health care costs are going to go up. They point that there is a challenge for the administration, it is new participants in Obamacare. AP says, “They need lots of healthy & Young as well as passive & unengaged to offset the higher costs of covering the sick and the worried.”

I don’t disagree with AP but I question whether or not the young and healthy are going to go into a system when most of them don’t believe they need health care or for that matter they will ever get sick. Further I can’t think of any group that is more “passive & unengaged ‘ than young people. I do agree with AP that if the administration doesn’t get these people Obamacare will fail. However the failure will not occur before it costs American citizens over the age of thirty five tens of millions of dollars in the form of penalties imposed by the Obama administration plus outrageous health care insurance rates.

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