Enroll America

Have you heard of Enroll America? You probably haven’t heard of this organization just like you probably haven’t absorbed the fact that the ACA is here and the mechanics or devil in the details begins now! Enroll America is an Obama created coalition of healthcare providers and advocates, with the emphasis on advocates planning a multi-million-dollar campaign of social media and paid advertising to get people who don’t have health insurance to sign up for ACA participation. Former White House official Anne Filipic is heading the organization.

I draw attention to this organization because Treasury department spokesperson Sabrina Siddiqui points out that “October 1, each state will have a marketplace up and running where consumers can choose a private health insurance plan that fits their health needs and budget.” Right, of course there is a small problem, states are not putting these so called health insurance exchanges in place and the federal government is so far behind in creating these exchanges that they will probably be delayed until 2015. Some might say that’s good because they can avoid Obamacare, not so fast. Even if implementation of the program is delayed your taxes and penalties will not be delayed. The Obama administration is serious about collecting the funds whether or not the ACA program is fully activated.

One example of the government’s seriousness about implementation is their effort to stop some companies who have asked their health insurance companies to have all polices for their employees renewed at the end of 2013 causing the insurance to delay the ACA implementations for at least one year. The Obama administration says this action could under mind the ACA. No kidding, doesn’t the administration get the message, companies and individuals are trying to avoid the increased costs of ACA and the constraints on their health insurance coverage. If you haven’t got the message maybe this will help, it is here and by September of 2013 you’ll be notified of your financial responsibilities by the federal government and you’ll be looking for a way to pay “your fair share” of ACA costs.

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