Paul, Mary & Josh

These three met at an upscale Midwest university about five years ago. Paul was born and raised in Chicago. Paul in a sense stayed home by going to a university in the Midwest. Mary is from California and wanted to test her wings in the east or Midwest. Why she chose the Midwest we don’t know but she was obviously happy with her choice and stayed the course for all five years of schooling. Josh is from New York State and while he liked New York he was most interested in a good education in a prestigious school.

What do Paul, Mary and Josh have besides going to the same university? This threesome lives together and they share each other sexually. Paul is bi-sexual, Mary fairs well in a threesome relationship and shares both men sexually and an occasional tryst with other women. Paul is black and finds Mary as a white woman more attractive than a person of his own or a mixed race. Josh was a traditional heterosexual but learned to participate in “three way sex” to accommodate his roommates. All three proclaim they love each other and intend to stay together after all have completed their respective educations. They have not decided which state will best suit their career objectives and life style.

You may ask what is the purpose of my story; well they are very interested in the Supreme Court decision on Proposition 8 in California and the Federal law on NOMA. You see they want to get married to the group. You laugh but maybe you shouldn’t, you see if Prop 8 and DOMA [defense of the marriage act] are overturned Paul, Mary & Josh intend to “get married.” Should they or shouldn’t they be allowed to get married if same sex marriages are in essences made legal by a Supreme Court action. How will the court decide if the Paul, Mary & Josh marriage becomes a legal case and is adjudicated by that same court?

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