“Please die at your earliest convenience”

Recently I noted a shift in the conversation of some TV pundits and certain politicians. Some are saying; even democrats that Medicare changes do need to be made. Specifically they are suggesting that whatever changes made in Medicare should be designed to reduce the services to the seniors in order to cover the cost of provide more assistance to younger citizens and their families. It doesn’t sound that bad on the surface but it is a major shift particularly for some democrats. I believe that this apparently innocuous statement is a harbinger of things to come in Social Security as well as Medicare. I know it sounds extreme but if this move to cuts in Medicare and reprogramming of criteria for receiving Social Security continue I would not be surprised to see SS checks that were stamped with “Please die at your earliest convenience.”

You can discount my paranoia, particularly when you know that I’ve always believed that Social Security and Medicare were “benefits” that our citizens would become dependent on and further weaken the fiber of our country. Still I leave you with this warning, once Medicare is “redistributed” to younger families at the expense of senior citizens Social Security will not be far behind.

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