Texas Leads the Way

By 31-0 the Texas State Senate voted to require drug testing for Texas Welfare applicants. Of course this action raises the questions of what happens to dependents of drug users when he or she loses the benefits.

Texas’s answer to this thorny issue of what happens to the dependents of the drug user by passing a bill that allows the dependents to receive the benefits [that is money and health care services] through a “third party protective payee.” Seems like a humane way to deal with dependents problems but is it?

First it requires the state to pay for this third party’s services and it does not eliminate the drug user from receiving the benefits via eating and drinking with his or her own family. It isn’t likely that the drug users family is going to deny him or her cash to go buy more drugs because after all they are not being hurt by the suspension of the benefits and the drug user may use violence against his or her own family. Plus the state is taking on a third party that they have to pay for providing the benefits to the dependents and of course there are many chances for their abuse of power.

Everything from asking the drug offenders family to do work without pay to lobbying state representatives to be given the assignment of protective payments for hundreds of such drug offenders. You say it can’t happen well I remind you of the program “Head Start” and my experience in Chicago when my wife volunteered to help the program. We discovered that there were many levels of management in the Chicago program that were being paid considerable sums of money, draining the Federal, State and City funds for no show jobs, a function of their position in the democrat party. Of course the children were the losers just like the dependents of drug users in Texas may be if the Texas house passes this bill. I leave you with one thought; can you imagine this program being implemented in the city of Detroit Michigan?

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