Why are you so Surpised?This week 14 people were stabbed on a Texas college campus, 435 died in Chicago in 2012 from gunshot wounds [mostly handguns] and then we have Sandy Hook and Colorado 2 mass slayings clearly done by mentally unbalanced individuals. If you want a reason I’ll give you one. The economic, political, international turmoil of the last 12 years create pressures on the individual and families that sooner or later tend to explode. We can expect more turmoil not less for the next several years. More mass killings, international confrontations, possibly creating another war or two, return of the draft as more and more reservists and military career minded candidates say; it is too damn dangerous to enlist. The answer is not new gun laws, we don’t enforce the ones we have, nor is the answer avoiding dealing with the mental illnesses spreading at a more than alarming rate because at least in part the things I just mentioned. For those who don’t have the comfort of being designated as mentally ill, we are left with feeling oppressed, out of sorts, angry [without specifying what we are angry at] and most importantly we don’t know what to do about it. I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t volunteer my answer to these problems although I have no assures my suggestions will work. Reestablish your family or if you aren’t married yet think carefully about what you want for your family in the way of economic stability. Vote for politicians at every level, local, state and national but only vote for those candidates that actually reflect your thoughts about the key issues, economic, political and international issues. This means you need to research issues and arrive at conclusions or at least positions on those issues. If you can identify others with similar values and economic objectives meet with them and support your beliefs in every way possible. Note I didn’t say political parties are the answers, but I do believe you need to develop core beliefs. I also believe these objectives and goals are very difficult to achieve but we better make big changes now or we will like the Roman Empire crumple from our own decadents. Wake up and fly right.

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