Boston Bombing

The verdict is still out as to whether the bombing was a terrorist action and if it was whether or not domestic or international in nature. The one thing we would probably all agree is that the perpetrators whether they are part of a group or an individual nut case are crazy. It is probably also reasonable to agree that the purpose with two bombs was to kill as many of our citizens as possible. The good news if there can be any in a case like this is that so far only three people have been killed but the carnage is undeniable and with seventeen people on the critical list and numerous amputations because of the type of bombs used it was clearly intentional. I feel confident that many government officials and anti gun advocates will ask the question; why don’t we have laws against people buying explosive materials. Of course we do have such laws. However people who want to use explosives for bad purposes will find a way around those laws. The anti gun groups might say why don’t we have backgrounds checks on guns and then the government could have interviewed people buying guns and determined whether or not they might want to use explosives to hurt people. I don’t believe any logically thinking citizens would really believe that background checks would have prevented this act of what appears to be terrorist acts. You cannot stop all crazy people or fanatical groups who want to kill or mangle U.S. citizens.

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