April 19, 2013


If there is a theme that has come through from the mainstream media and ancillary cable networks it is that 90% of American’s favor “stricter gun control laws.” In fact the media in concert with the White House has waged a campaign for passage of any and all new gun laws proposed based on the pain expressed by relatives of those killed at Sandy Hook and their almost constant appeals in the media and that poll data that says 90% of us want new gun control laws passed. The mainstream media say’s; if the country doesn’t pass those new laws the congress and all who support their positions against the changes in laws offered up are unspeakable cowards with no sense of conviction and a total disregard for the feeling of the American people.

Wait, according to a AP/GFK poll conducted this week “enacting stricter gun controls laws” is now 49%, a considerable difference from the 90% touted by newscasters, commentators and pundits yet this new poll has not been mentioned by the mainstream media, at least to my knowledge. Worst of them is MSNBC experiencing apoplexy as they screamed this morning about the stupidity of the Republicans failing to support new gun laws and running the pictures of offending elected officials full screen to “shame” them for being liars, deceitful and failing to recognized that 90% of Americans wanted new stricter gun control laws. Whoops, I mean 49% wanted stricter gun control laws. Oh well what does a 41% point mistake count when President Obama and the mainstream media wants stricter gun laws and they want them now…or else!

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