Boston Shutdown by Force

I’m not a conspiracy theorist or do I believe national gun registration is designed to allow the possibility of all the guns being confiscated at some point in the near future. Having said I’m not a conspiracy theorist I still may have to apologize to my friends and acquaintances that are suspicious about the administrations ultimate goals of total national military control. Why would I make such a statement?

Any American citizen who has watched the TV coverage of the manhunt in Boston could not helped but be impressed by number of armed local police, swat teams, state police, ATF, FBI and Massachusetts and National guard members involved in the hunt. The federal government using Home Land Security directives coupled with the FBI have been able to close down the City of Boston, over 625,000 people in less than two hours. Citizens were directed to stay in their homes, mass transportation was terminated for many hours, and even the airport was closed down briefly. All of these actions were taken with good reason, to find and arrest a terrorist.

However I can’t ignore how easy it was for the government using every kind of gun available, mostly with multi magazine bullets, many with armor piercing ammunition to close down Boston. These are high-powered guns, the ones Dianne Feinstein wanted eliminated for John Q Public. No wonder state militias are paranoid about the government being able to identify Americans who own guns and where they live. The government could disarm our citizens by maintaining the arsenal existing at every level of law enforcement. Clearly planning and executing on an accelerated scale the government is able to shut down major cities like they did with Boston within two hours. Do I think it will happen as a plan by the administration to disarm this country, no? Could it happen, probably, yes?

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