To Save One Person

As the gun amendments were falling President Obama speaking in the Rose Garden struck out at the congress and in a sense at millions of U.S. citizens about his failure to win. What hit me was that the President made a statement; one which I will paraphrase; if these gun laws pass and only save one life it will be worth it. It would seem on the surface a worthwhile thought unless you consider what he is really saying. The President is saying that millions of gun owners or potential owners can give up their right to buy certain types of guns [the Feinstein amendment], to be registered on a national basis and require both approval to sell and buy and keep records of all of these transactions for the rest of their lives. It may not be that he is interested in saving that one life he referenced but rather a mark on the win column of his administration in his second term. His first term is lost unless Obamacare survives a very tough scrutiny and budget constraints.

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