Pointing to Heaven is Costly

In a small town in Texas track officials redirected the Columbus Cardinals at a state track meet to a loss. It seems a runner pointed to the sky as he crossed the finish line and his victory was turned into a loss. Fans claimed that the runner Derrick Hayes was a victim of political correctness; Derrick said his point to the sky was a natural reaction to winning the race. Race officials said his gesture was “a violation of high school track sportsmanship rules against gestures or taunts during a race.”

Bud Kennedy, a respected journalist, for the Star Telegram, Tarrant and Texas edition wrote the story. Bud’s story highlights that in states like Texas there is a strong group of religious citizens and an equally strong and growing group of new residents in this case to the Houston area that prize separation of church and state. The truth is that the new residents coming from the east coast and middle American cities like Chicago, Detroit and Cleveland find the religious zeal in this part of Texas revolting. Many of these people came from industries that were closing down or within union organizations that have lost power and consequently cost them relatively high-income jobs. In a sentence they don’t want to be preached to or at. Religious signs or pronouncements are like a red flag to them and the federal government concurs, hence the legal support against religious gestures or pronouncements. However in this case the Texas State Attorney Gregg Abbott is taking the side of parents protesting against what they call “anti-Christian bigotry”

Do you think this confrontation could happen in New Jersey, Michigan, Ohio, Mississippi, well you’re probably wrong. Each of these states and many more have small towns and large geographic areas holding dear to religious values and they will defend their beliefs. True it’s not likely the Cities of Detroit, Chicago, Cleveland or Trenton will join in this kind of a fight but they will all be watching the results of the AG’s efforts in a small town close to Houston and the states efforts to vindicate the citizens who hold dear to their religious beliefs. Like the President said; they cling to their bibles and their guns and therefore by inference they are not citizens that can be easily used to support the national agenda of the Obama administration. My bet is the Christians will lose this fight as the influx of citizens of other states move to Texas and bring their more cynical approach to religion with them.

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