Pre-existing Diseases

Without question one of the parts of Obamacare that has had a high level of acceptance by the voters is the coverage of pre-existing diseases by insurance companies underwritten in part by HHS. Of course most of the voters were not aware that the federal budget to help cover these pre-existing diseases was limited. Well today the HHS has leaked the fact that the federal budget to help cover this service is running out of money. Most people just didn’t know there was a cap on the coverage from the HHS standpoint. The administration has not announced an estimated date at which time the budget for pre-existing diseases will actually run out but we do know it will be shortly because HHS has let this information leak.

What do you think the government will do regarding this important health issue? Clearly HHS did not initially plan the budgeting for this service correctly. Will there be a new tax or “Obama penalty” to cover the costs? What is clear is that whatever action the government takes Obama will classify it as he did in his most recently press conference as a hiccup that “occurs in all government run programs.” My bet is that the costs will be high and as usual the worker bees of the United States will pick up the bill.

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