Stockholm Syndrome

May 8, 2013

It is 11 a.m. Ft. Worth Texas time and here is the TV line up. CBS-TV “Jeopardy”, ABC-TV “The View,” NBC-TV Today Show, CNN Cleveland Kidnapping, MSNBC Cleveland Kidnapping, FOX Network “Access Hollywood” and Fox News the Benghazi hearings. No question all of the shows and stories covered by all the mainstream media and its affiliate cable services are air worthy but do they come close to the importance of the Benghazi investigation into our foreign policies and actions in Libya?

It is clear that the mainstream media with the exception of Fox News is turning a blind eye to possible inconsistencies in the actions taken by the State Department and the Obama Administration in dealing with the death of four Americans include our Ambassador to Libya, Mark Stevens. Democrats and news commentators supportive of or friendly to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration started providing commentary or supporting the position that these hearings were a witch hunt even before the hearing were heard?

Is it possible that the mainstream media mesmerize by the thought of a partially Black President without a Texas accent, a huge minority voting block and a messiah like message of hope “captured” the mainstream media and like other captives in a Stockholm scenario they began to believe in their captor, the Obama administration?

Will the mainstream media have the courage to cover this investigation without prejudice or pre-judgment that this is a political witch-hunt and not a congressional investigation to expose weakness in our state department and the Obama administration’s foreign policy of leading from behind?

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