Second Term Blues?

Believe what you will. If you accept the testimony from State Department career professional Hicks that he told Hilary Clinton at 2 a.m on the night of the Benghazi terrorist attack that it was a terrorist attack by some terrorist group affiliated with Al Qaeda then it is a cover up by the administration. If you accept the fact that the “talking points” were revised twelve times before the final points were provided to Susan Rice then it is reasonable to believe the reason for alterations of those talking points was political protection for the administration as they claimed “Al Quadia is on the run” in their foreign policy strategy of leading from behind. Or you can believe Obama who said yesterday in a press conference that the Benghazi Affair is a political witch-hunt, “a side show” with no bases in fact. Believe what you will.

Believe what you will. Either you believe the IRS reports that it targeted conservative groups seeking tax free status and that this has been going on since 2010 with Washington management aware of the practice and they had been warned by Washington that it was illegal and yet they continued to practice this discrimination or you believe Obama when he said yesterday “if it proves to be true” that IRS discriminated against conservative persuasion groups he will “not stand for it.” Believe what you will.

Believe what you will. The AP released a confirmed report that the Justice Department secretly had tapped into phone records for twenty lines used by over a hundred reports at AP for two months which is designed to intimidate both reporters and potential information sources in the government or you can believe Obama when he says nothing! Believe what you will.

There is no second term blues for Obama, there is just an arrogant, closed door, I’m right, “do what I say” management style. But believe what you will.

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