Not so Fast

Obama said with great conviction that he was disgusted with the performance of the IRS in singling out conservatives and that he would not put up with it. He said he had Jacob Lew fire the acting director of the IRS [someone scheduled to step down in six weeks} but made no mention of the woman who currently heads up the 503 C and 504 C exempt tax status’s program at the IRS. The mainstream media has indicated early on that Obama”s actions are satisfactory to this point and that the congress will investigate in a greater detail whatever mistakes were made by the IRS.

I say: NOT SO FAST! What I want is a public congressional hearing with subpoenas for all the IRS agents that questioned the conservative groups about their application for a tax-free status. I want any instruction sheets they used to ask those questions and who prepared those instruction sheets. I want those that prepared the instruction sheets to testify as to who directed them to include the prejudicial questions that were to be asked by the IRS agents of the targeted conservative groups.

We get these answers and we’ll know who directed the IRS to discriminate against the conservative groups and for what purpose, although it will be obvious the purpose was to weaken the conservative groups in their effort to promote conservative views during the 2012 election.

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