IRS Hearings

If you listened to Steve Miller acting commissioner of the IRS he never knew about any abuses of power in targeting conservative groups, he can’t remember who he talked with in his own organizations and he cannot recall most of the names of people within the IRS that implemented this improper program of questioning 50 [c] 4 candidates for freedom from taxes on their respective organizations.

On the other hand the democrats on the hearing panel are collectively saying that the targeting of “some” groups started when the Citizens United program was held legal by the Supreme Court allowing “conservative” groups to acquire funds to support their various groups. The democrats want to make the point that whatever mistakes were made by the IRS first occurred under the Bush administration and the answer to the IRS mistakes is more funding and an overhaul of the 50 [c[4 so that conservative groups could not acquire donations to be used in a campaign against the Obama administration.

The mainstream media has adopted the approach that the conservatives are overstating the problems Obama has with the IRS, Bengali and the AP and consequently the public no longer thinks the administration is in the middle of damage control.

The net, net is nothing will be done until and unless the people who took the actions to discriminate against the conservative groups will identify who gave them the instructions to ask the totally unacceptable questions.

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