Is the question 501 [c] 3 and 501 [c] 4?

The answer is no. It is about a deliberate action by a government agency under direction of an administration that is philosophically opposed to organizations that support conservative views on how the government should run.

There is no diversion created by political hacks that can redirect the theme of the IRS hearing from what really happened to conservative groups and how they were discriminated against. It was clearly a directed action and the mood was created by the administration.

The IRS asks questions like; what are the names of your minor students and what did you teach those students [please include copies of the instruction materials]. How do you pray and what do you pray for. I could go on but the questions are now on the record and if you want to see them you can view the congressional record.

Finally let me say that only Fox is carrying the hearing. No coverage by NBC, ABC, CBS, MSNBC and CNN. It would seem obvious that the mainstream media is not interested in publishing these facts that translate into discrimination against conservative thinking.

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