Como un residenta illegal

Como un residente illegal, lo que me iban a hacer creer que el plan de inmigración está pendiente en Los Estatdos Unidos daría lugar en mí se convierta en un residente legal.
Translated loosely; as an illegal resident what would make me believe that the pending U.S. immigration plan would result in me becoming a legal resident.
We have spent considerable time talking about the pending immigration bill and the hoops the illegal residents will have to jump through to gain citizenship. Ten years of applying for papers, verifying work history, paying back taxes, learning and speaking English fluently, clearing up criminal records and then applying again for citizenship is a lot to ask for someone to do. Particularly asking for this heavy commitment by the majority of the 11 million illegal residents who fall into the category of trained laborers such as gardeners, maintain golf courses. I believe the fruit pickers will go for work visa’s limited to seasonal picking. I can understand those with professional skills, particularly in sciences and math but for the vast majority the question I posed in the opening paragraph may have a great deal of meaning.
Has anyone done a formal survey of illegal residents to determine how many of them are here and whether or not they would take on the substantial task of becoming a citizen under the pending/proposed new immigration laws.
I suspect that large numbers of illegal residents will choose to stay in the shadows and live free of government monitoring or potential deportation if they fail to meet the standards set in the new immigration rules.

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