Red line, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha

A few months ago the President of the United States standing at the podium in a press conference stated that if Syria used chemical weapons on the people of Syria they would have crossed the “red line” and the President would change the response of this government to the Syrian civil unrest and the use of chemical weapons. The President did not specify what we would do but his statement in solemn terms inferred serious consequences. No mention was made of the 93,000 deaths [according to UN reports] that have already occurred in the two years since the civil war had been raging. It was confirmed that somewhere between 50 and 150 Syrians had died from chemical poisoning. The President decided to increase small arms shipments to the “rebels” in Syria as a response to his red line threats regarding the use of chemical warfare.

Let’s face it the President and most Americans don’t want another war in the Middle East and so the President’s empty threat of crossing the red line resulted in this country appearing to be impotent. You would think the President would understand that offering up red line ultimatum’s don’t work with other world powers. Threatening China because they hadn’t returned a fugitive from U.S. justice did not work, another red line ignored, then the President threatened Russia if they didn’t return the same fugitive that China hadn’t returned and to no avail, another red line ignored.

In the President’s most recent speech he announced he is going to further curtail pollution emissions, specifically in the field of coal in the U.S. Is the President going to deliver a red line declaration to India and China that if they don’t stop opening a new coal mine every week and in fact curtail the current pollution from their respective countries coal mines the U.S. was going to cause serious damage to these world powers? His environmental plan is to use his power as President of this country to urge China and India to curtail pollution emissions. China and India contribute more pollution to the world atmosphere than all other countries including the U.S. Does anyone believe our country’s red line challenges are going to be taken seriously by Russia, China or India, I think not!

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