ACA changes

I’m sure that most people expect me to go on at length about the ACA implementation delays but that is not my message today. Please understand that this “delay” in Obamacare for large businesses has nothing to do with individual rules that kick in January of 2014. You will still as individuals need to make a selection for what kind of health insurance you are going to select from the non-existent state exchanges by October of this year. You as individuals will be subject to penalties where they apply and in any case it is almost certain you will pay more for your individual health insurance plans than you currently pay, and if you don’t currently have any health insurance god help you! One other thing to consider if you are in your own business; the government is revisiting the idea that if you keep employees from working thirty hours or less you don’t have to provide insurance. The government is going to examine each of your employees and if they are “considered” by the government as full time even though they only work thirty hours they will be eligible for insurance at your expense or you will pay the twenty five hundred dollars penalty

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