Insurance Shopping

I have for several months tried to make the point that the ACA is a potential train wreck and yet many of my friends seem oblivious to the potential increase in costs and possible loss of services. Yesterday the AP writer Ricardo Alvona-Zaldivar wrote an article entitled “Insurance shopping won’t be as easy as hoped.” I’m going to invite you to read the whole article on line but for my purposes I’m going to bring a few observations that Ricardo and others made.

You may have heard that shopping for Obamacare would be like going to Travelocity or Amazon. Not so fast, Christine Ferguson director of Rhode Island Health Benefits Exchange “I never bought into it.” The Obama administration, which will run the markets or take the lead in 35 states, has yet to demonstrate the technology platform that will help consumers get financial help with their premiums and pick a plan.

Christine goes on to say; there will be a significant amount of manual processing of things that will later be automated. Julie Bataille directing the outreach program of the HHS points out that it is a complicated transaction with different components, including arranging financing and picking the right product, bronze, silver, gold and platinum packages. The IRS will calculate the maximum health insurance subsidy that you are entitled to as tax credits.

Two of the phrases used frequently in this article is “it’s unclear.” And there are “going to be delays.”

I urge you to not wait until October 1, 2013 to find out about your health insurance before you must make a decision. My conclusion is that Max Baucus the democrat leader who helped design the ACA bill was accurate when he said; it is a train wreck looking for a place to happen.

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