It is going to be very tough

Between water fountain conversations, bloggers, tweet messages, faceBook comments and even some reporters a legitimate question has emergered; why isn’t the black community and it’s leaders spending as much time on the black on black youth murders in inter-cities like Chicago, LA, Detroit and Oakland as is being spend on Travon Martin?

About a week ago there was an announcement by some black leaders in the education field that they were going to form several committee’s and conferences to address the question black leaders like Jessie and Al have chosen to ignore; what ideas does the black community have to stop record setting killing of young blacks on other young blacks? While Jessie and Al seek to demonize Zimmerman and by inference all the white community some blacks are addressing a much larger issue?

You may note I’ve constantly refer to the black community and black on black killings because it is a black cultural issue first Federal and state involvement with funding only comes after black leadership offers specific ideas that will cause the whole black community to participate in a plan to stop the violence.

As I said this will be a tough job trying to stay free of lamenting past racial inequities, admitting family comes first and not making funding the bogie man They should be measuring the success of the community efforts by recording a major decline in black on black killings across the nation. One last thing please let the white left wing elitist stay out of the fray and let the black community work out its own plan for success

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