It may be oh so very subtle but……..

I sense a undercurrent of discontent by the public and to some degree by the mainstream media, witness coverage of the closing of embassies in the middle east. There are now frequent references by the press to Obama statements during his 2012 re-election campaign that Al Qaeda is dead or dying. The mainstream media has indicated that the President misrepresented the facts on the threat of Al Qaeda, a big change from previous coverage of administration polices and actions.

There are other more obvious issues like statements from democrats that the ACA is in trouble or going to cost much more than they originally thought it would. Man-on-the-street interviews indicate a discomfort with the health care plan, not necessarily with the President but with the uncertainty associated with the ACA.

Again the President in referencing the various problems with the IRS, Benghazi and invasion of privacy as “phony scandals” has seen an almost strangely silent public. In man-on-the-street interviews people who are supporters of the President seem to be reluctant to agree with President Obama on the “phony scandals” claim.

If I were to sum it up the unrest with the Obama administration seems to express itself in a muted support for the President. Again there is no question a huge percentage of the public really likes the President but it seems their faith in his “hope and change” polices has waned.

Finally I believe that young people, a key constituency for the Obama administration can easily be disillusioned and it would appear cracks in support from this group are more and more evident each day. Speeches from Obama are less inspiring and even the mainstream media comments on the less than moving themes or messages from the administration.

I’m fairly certain that my liberal friends will reference my comments here as sour grapes because as President Obama said he his first year of his presidency during a meeting with republicans “We won, you lost.” However with a little soul searching I think loyal democrats and Obama fans will sense the same unrest I see at the grassroots level of the public.

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