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For some time I’ve looked at the patterns of violence in our society and noted that as the economy dives the number of unexplained acts of violence go up. I mean things like the recent act of a man in California who ran over eleven people killing one, or the man who stood outside a town hall meeting shooting randomly and killing indiscriminately. The reasons given for these kinds of killings, shootings, fire settings, explosions are on the surface some what understandable but hardly a reason to run over eleven people or shoot up a meeting with the potential for multiple deaths. There is something deeper here and I don’t mean new gun laws but rather a deep-seated unhappiness with ones life in the United States. In a word the economy dictates so many other factors in our life, getting married, having children, buying a home, elective surgery, saving plans, school selection, military service considerations, religious beliefs, ability to move within our country and job/career opportunities to name a few.

We have been told since 2009 the recession is over and we are in a recovery, a very slow recovery but nonetheless a recovery. Yet when I look around at my friends the problems that they have persisted with home mortgages, real jobs, cost of living, medical services and costs, health insurance costs, utilities and power prices continue to rise and there is absolutely no confidence in retirement plans. The economy chips away at whatever reserves a family has and eventually leaves many people with no hope. If you haven’t been forced into foreclosure on your house you may have had to take tremendous losses on the home you keep, still pay very high taxes without any back up equity. If you are laid off you must take another job or two that covers part, usually two thirds of what used to be your monthly cost of living. These problems penetrate the whole family. They weigh on the individual and the family and as hope fades violence seems to be an inevitable result.

I believe the net results is more and more people become unhinged by these pressures which are not going away no matter what the administration tells us. Some time people just explode and do irrational things.

My prediction is that the random violence will become less random and more frequent until and if we can once again have real jobs. A government administion seeking to develop business opportunities, new inventions, reinvesting in the space program and a leadership of hope based on what is best for the United States of America.

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