A yearly contract

For as long as I can remember in my adult life I have been an advocate of marriage contracts for one year. It would require each partner in the marriage to resign an agreement of marriage at the end of one year for another year on the exact date [before midnight] they were originally married. If either partner refuses to sign then the union is broken. The sole exception would be for the birth of a child in which case the financial support of said child would be based on the income of the two members of the marriage. If one partner is unemployed then they pay nothing. My arbitrary decision is that the child would reside with the mother [probably a reflection of my age] unless there was a separate agreement signed at the time of the signing of the yearly marriage contract. This arrangement seemed reasonable to me. It would require each partner to reevaluate the relationship each year giving each partner a chance to take another road if they desire. I believe that romance will stay in most marriages for many more years with this arrangement than the traditional marriage agreement provides. Well apparently someone else agrees with me although they provide a more practical explanation of why this arrangement would work based on logic. I will let Paul Rampell explain in his article for the Washington Post titled “WedLease could be the alternative to a divorce rate that’s too high.” At the close of his article he suggest “ Why doesn’t society make the legal structure of marriage more congruent to our behavior?”

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