Washington Post

The sale of this historic paper is making headlines and well it should. No one knows what will be the final outcome of the purchase by the owner of Amazon is fraught with questions. It seems reasonable that the liberal bent of the paper will stay in place given the donations of Amazon ownership to the democrat party but nothing is for certain.

I met Mrs. Graham about forty years ago in my role in the broadcast world and I was immediately impressed with her willingness to take on the internal workings of her husbands business and do it well. From the start of her reign I sensed she was special and even though I didn’t agree with her left wing support I knew she would do what she wanted to do in an even handed manner. The reality of business has over taken the historic publication. Interestingly Mrs. Graham’s son with all of his resources could not save the paper from a financial spiral down resulting in large accumulated losses.

One of the contentions coming from the current management of the Post is that they will continue to direct the editorial content and they have reassured [mostly democrats] that there will be no changes. If this proves to be true they won’t survive even with the new ownership. I don’t mean that if the paper suddenly became conservative they would do better. Whatever form the Post takes they will have to drop the current editorial control whether it is via new technology or some other innovation that might promise to save this part of the media royal family.

One final thought, I draw parallels to the U.S. government and the Washington Post. The government believes it should be able to pursue “do good” programs but not have to pay for it, paying for the present programs with money from our children and grandchildren’s future. Much like the Graham family the government will need to come to grips with reality. Unlike the Post we don’t have a wealthy individual to bail our country out rather we have the average man paying exceptional taxes and fees to bail out the liberal administrations academic efforts at creating a life of financial equality for all Americans in country driven by creative ideas with commensurate rewards.

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