Al and Jessie

This weekend the network news shows all contained considerable coverage of the MLK 50th anniversary walk on Washington D.C. for jobs and civil rights.

I don’t know if you noticed but not one of those shows used Al Sharpton or Jessie Jackson on their panels. In fact Comcast that owns NBC and MSNBC and has Al scheduled each weekday at 5 p.m. didn’t use him on “Meet the Press.” Do you think it is possible the management of these news organizations recognize that Al and Jessie have done a disservice to the civil rights movement by pushing the Martin/Zimmerman issue as a racist motivated killing?

I would also point out that neither Al or Jessie made mention of the black teen who actually pulled the trigger in Oklahoma on a young white Australian college athlete and was shown to have posted a message on the Internet that said; “I hate 90% of all whites.” I wonder if they don’t consider that a racist statement. They also failed to address the tragic death of an 88 year-old World War 11 army veteran beaten to death by two young black teenagers a few days ago. Are you wondering why there no comment from these two civil rights leaders?

I would suggest that there is no way for Al and Jessie to get donations to their “charities” or activist organizations to fight racism in this country. In other words there is no money for them. They remain silent on these killings just as they have not contributed to problem solving on the south side of Chicago in the unending black on black killings of your men, usually related to drugs or gang memberships.

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