Detroit Review 8/29/13

This morning MSNBC provided a three and a half hour telecast from Detroit, specifically a Ford manufacturing plant. On the whole MSNBC presented a positive picture of the future for the city. They did not address the rape of the city by democrat politicians and the democrat party. There were oblique references to bad management and mismanagement of the city. There were several references to the fact that creditors are not willing to take a haircut in the bankruptcy proceedings suggesting that “the other guy” should take the losses. It was pretty clear from the bankruptcy manager that the heart of the city is doing well but the outlining neighborhoods are a disaster. Interestingly the point was made that three hundred million dollars of the operating budget comes from federal programs and grants. That means almost one third of the annual Detroit operating budget of one billion dollars comes from the federal government.

Congratulations to MSNBC for doing an excellent “selling” job for Detroit’s future. However anyone involved in the actual process of saving Detroit should remember that a political party, the democrats ruled the city for fifty years and raped it, period. If the same corrupt political control emerges with the rebirth of the city it will be doomed to disaster whether it is a republican or democrat administration

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