I don’t know about you but I’m administration weary

I know that we have had administration screw ups for at least the last three administrations pre Obama. Do you remember? “ I did not have sex with that woman”, “it is a right wing conspiracy to get Bill,” “mark my words, no new taxes,” “I’m certain there are weapons of mass destruction in Iraqi aimed at us, etc, etc.” However none of the three administrations I referenced have come close to the current administration for incompetence.

From the start the mainstream media darling, Barrack Obama was untouchable. There were no questions about how a community organizer could have the breathed of experience to run a country the size and scope of the U.S. The candidate felt he had a mandate to “cure” the political system of the perceived ill’s it had and to impose his superior knowledge of the direction this country should take both at the domestic level and on the international stage.

His first effort, the ACA was rammed through a democrat-controlled congress without a thought about the political ramifications. Remember Obama won a 53 to 47 vote to become President, not an 80 to 20 vote. Those who opposed him are not all as he described them “gun toting, bible carrying”, gay hating, conservatives. We, including the press and the democrat supporters should have recognized that Obama’s apparent inability to communicate with the conservatives would come to bite them in the ass at the democrat party level some where in the future, like today!

Regarding the ACA, do I think the republicans could have done a better job on a health care program? Probably yes because they would have communicated with the President and given in on key items the democrat party wanted in exchange for things they thought they must have to make the people at home feel like they were doing their job. It is called give and take, communications with a purpose. When Obama had a meeting at the White house with the republicans early in his administration he summed up his communications skills by saying to a republican leader frustrated by the republican’s inability to see the “grand future” he saw with the line “we won, you lost!”

Once he lost the house after two years of total control he was flustered. Because he had not made any attempt to create a dialogue, note I’m not saying friends in the Republican Party let alone in his own party he couldn’t get approval for buying a roll of stamps let alone a major bill to get through. Just a few years ago before he ran for President Obama said; there wasn’t a red state America or a blue state America, just a United States of America. Too bad he didn’t take his own words to heart and communicate man to man with his own party and the Republican Party on that basis. Instead he became the effete snob, elitist “professor” shocked that his students [the voters of this nation] didn’t understand his grand view of things. I can go on with incident after incident of his blundering but it would only prove the obvious, his failure at communication, even with his own party.

So why don’t I advocate impeachment or some other “punishment” it is because we elected him and it is the media and our mistake. We must live with him but be more careful in the future. We should investigate the next candidate’s credentials thoroughly. The media must peak under the individuals tent even if he or she is so desirable to the media as a black Hispanic mix, gay/lesbian “socially left” candidate. We the voters should also do our homework although we set the precedent of letting the media make the call for the most important job in the world. I’m certain that the vast majority of democrats did not know of and probably never heard of Obama before the nomination process started. Some dems even forget that their initial choice was Hilary and when she asked the question; “who do you want answering the phone at 3 am?” some of the party members were insulted on Barack’s behalf.

I wonder how democrat party members feel now when President Obama says, “use of chemical weapons by Syria will cross a red line that I will not stand for and there will be consequences.” And then does nothing for a considerable time before he has his Secretary of State say; we are justified in “attacking” in retaliation for the use of weapons of mass destruction and the President has the right to do that under the war powers act.

The next day the President says not so fast, I want the congress to approve my actions.

The secretary of state comes back the next day and says the President is wise to ask the Congress for approval, even though he doesn’t need it legally.

Two days later the polls show that the people, not the congress is solidly against striking Syria. Whoops, now what does he do.

Thank God for Putin [am I allowed to say Putin in the same line with the word God] Putin says we can “negotiate” with Syria and Russia to have Syria give up the stash of chemical weapons. Right, do any of us believe this? However it does give the President an out. The results is no action, and that is fine with me but more importantly there is nothing that Obama has to do, no action to be taken and he can say he has always believe a “political’ solution was the best solution.

No action from Obama knowing that said negotiations will drag on for months and when the talks finally break down he can say “I tried,” which of course is typical of our president, it is about him. Let’s hope that we can survive the Presidents inability to communicate with his party let alone republicans and the rest of the world.

I leave you with these last words in 2012 from the President when he didn’t realize the microphone was still on and before the 2012 election. Obama said to then President of Russia “after the election I’ll have a lot more flexibility” and then nodded his head and said you understand and the Russian President nodded his head in understanding. What do you think he had in mind for us in these negotiations with the Russians and do you trust what he does have in mind?

Embedded media

Is this a familiar phrase to you? In operation Desert Storm the government agreed to assign the press to combat units so that “body counts are accurate and claims of success are verified.”

My question is will the administration assign embedded media to the process of verifying body count and levels of destruction in Syria when we launch our “limited” attack. An attack designed to punish the Syrian government for using chemical warfare on their people…if they did use chemical weapons.

The numbers start to roll in

There is a study of probable costs to individuals of health insurance starting in 2014. The study conducted by California, Connecticut, Indiana, Maryland, New York, Ohio, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Vermont, Virginia and Washington for the first time project actual costs to consumers based on their age. One thing missing from the study is the amount of subsidies by the ACA to individuals based on the plan selected.

The plans titled by the ACA are bronze, silver, gold and platinum. According to the article by the Associated Press and released today all plans cover the same benefits. I don’t know how this is supposed to work but I urge you to read the article from the AP under the byline Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar for his take on the costs based on the eleven states picked to sample and average.

The numbers that jump out to me are a 21year olds midrange policy will cost $270 a month. A 40-year-olds midrange health insurance policy will costs $330 a month. The cost for a 60-year-old midrange health insurance policy will be $615 a month.

Remember these are eleven states picked by the author and does not reflect major states like Florida and Texas which account [according to the government] for 50 million uninsured citizens that will have to be covered. Most importantly as we roll toward the registration of October 1, 2013 you must be as informed as possible. 27 days and counting.