Liberal Progressives

Yesterday I listened as a Republican senator in an interview with NBC reporter Andrea Mitchell asked Andrea why the media did not ask a particular question regarding the budget and debt issue and Andrea responded saying; that issue was not open for debate by the administration there by dismissing the Senator’s question. The Senator responded in frustration saying; isn’t it the job of the press to ask the tough questions? Andrea went silent. This is just one small example of the press imposing their philosophy on a political issue. The term “lame stream Media” was attributed to Sarah Palin but I don’t know if that is where it originated or not but it did hurt the media’s collective feelings. Some one asked me why the term didn’t stick and of course the answer is simple enough the media is not going to label itself with a clearly derogatory title thereby impugning their points of view on key issues related to the actions of the government. They will however parrot liberal leaders and in some cases enhance the statement. When the tea party first appeared the press labeled it a group of extreme conservatives, possibly militant in nature. Liberal politicians capitalized on these descriptions with phrases like “right wing nut cases” and within weeks the name “tea party” became an extremist group to the public thanks in to the media.

On the other side of the ledger the hard core liberals were and still are described by the main stream press as “liberal progressives” This term as presented to the public by the media means people who are looking progressively at the future of this country with a bent toward a higher level of intellectual thinking. So there you have two examples of the main stream media influencing every story they do by starting with the premise that tea party advocates are nut cases and extreme left wing politicians are intellectuals with a higher purpose. If you are John Q citizen and had these terms incorporated into virtually every store you read, heard or watched it is going to make an impact.

Several months ago I wrote a piece in which I pointed out that while Sarah and I loved the term “lame stream media” it was in fact a misnomer and the media was anything but lame, using their collective powers to agitate the public to support one political philosophy over another. A friend recently ask me the question why is it that the vast majority of the media leans liberal? Well I actually think I know the reason why. First let me get a couple of incorrect theories out of the way; it is not a genetic trait handed down nor is there something in the water that causes reporters to become left wing ideologist. It is also not because these reporters are intellectual giants with higher IQ’s than the average citizen. It is because of our education system.

Historically our school system has been ridged in its curriculum and behavior in the early years. Innovation is rare and frowned upon in high school and non-existent in grade and middle schools. There are of course exceptions. I remember a teacher I had in high school, Mr. Egram, would give me the keys to his Plymouth convertible and allow me to sit in his car and listen to the radio if I did something very good in his class like complete tests in record time with all questions correctly answered. Note I wasn’t allowed to drive the car, I didn’t even have a license at that time but it was an extraordinary recognition of something I had accomplished. I’m certain the principal of the school would have hauled Mr. Egram on the carpet if he or she had known that he was offering this kind of on incentive. On the other hand when I was in college I had a professor who insisted on wearing a winter robe over a muscle t shirt, gray slacks [and I think the same slacks every day] topped off by house slippers as dirty as they could get from being worn day in and day out. I could attribute this defiance of what he thought was convention by “tenure” that great protector of rebellious thinking in colleges and universities or just the socialist administration of our young people’s education.

When young people enter college they are usually overwhelmed by their freedom. Get registered in class, drop your clothes in your dorm room and you are free to do just about anything you want to do. Enter more senior students anxious to “educate” the newbie’s to the good life. Of course with this freedom and responsibility of managing one’s own life comes the potential of failure, hence the high drop out rate in the first year or termination by the college [often with an option to try again next semester.] The key of course is the professor’s that will mold minds for the rest of their lives.

Professors are often the victims of what they create. Protected on many cases by tenure or the hope of tenure they create a socialist society free of decision-making about income, health services, retirement issues and most of the responsibility for what they teach. However it stands to reason that if the Profs are living this socialist lifestyle they will “sell” it to their students. These instructors are free of any responsibilities for whatever twist they put on how society should be run. I’m sure you’ve heard the line “those who can do, those who can’t teach.” So it is only logical that college students are subject to liberal leanings in their thought process and when they get that coveted job in print or broadcast media it is only logical that they would apply their politically liberal thinking to their reporting. I know that my liberal friends will point out George Wills or Charles Krauthammer are conservative college grads but generally speaking the majority of the reporters/commentators are liberal leaning based on the “perfect” socialist society they were educated in.

So the cause of the media bias is clearly how they were educated and that special feeling that comes from snubbing your nose at the establishment, something all of us like to do on occasion. Of course media bosses came from the same background that their reporters do and so they are comfortable perpetuating the same philosophy of liberal basis.

I will forever remember that peace corp. graduate, Carter White House team member, Tip O’Neill assistant and today prime time commenter on MSNBC Chris Matthews “feeling the tingle” in his leg as he realized Obama had won. Chris saw the opportunity to perpetuate a democratic Camelot, a liberally driven government over coming concerns about debt and personal liberty and providing a hammock of life services provided by our taxes and the liberals infallible knowledge of what is good for the U.S. Citizens.
Oct 11,2013

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