Baby seals on the rocks

I’ve written some columns on the mainstream media and their obvious bias toward the left. I made the point that we as ordinary citizens are helpless in dealing with the media getting them to asked questions that matter to us. I watched as a Republican congressmen in an interview with Andrea Mitchell of NBC and MSNBC asked in frustration why she and the rest of the media didn’t asked about the fairness of having the congress required to use the ACA the same way the average citizen is required to do so. Andrea’s response was that “the issue was not open for negotiation” which of course was the administrations position, don’t ask about that issue because we [administration does not want to answer that question.]

This morning MSNBC’s Morning Joe show had Jeb Bush on and the anchors, particularly Mika railing on the alleged demise of the Republican Party and in frustration Jeb said “I watch your show every morning and all you do is hit on the Republican’s policy’s like hitting baby seals on the rocks.” Joe quickly responded with; why do you watch us if we are “hitting baby seals on the rocks?” Jeb was embarrassed and Joe was angry because the accusation of beating up on Republican and conservative ideas are beaten to death by the liberal media every day and liberal or Democrat party positions are repeated daily. A good example of a liberal bias by the media is the issue of the ACA. The question asked by the Republican representatives concerned why the ACA couldn’t be altered to give an additional year ‘s grace for the average citizen when the administration has given a year by pass for large corporations. Every liberal media reported would response like they were Jay Carney saying; the ACA was passed by both houses of congress, signed into law by the President and confirmed by the Supreme Court is not open for debate. Can you imagine the liberal press prefacing a question asked by a Democrat with as Republican positioning statement like “with 17 Trillion dollars in debt how can you justify adding new expenses in entitlement programs like ACA? Of course they would never do that because it poisons the interview for the Democrat who had to respond to that opening of the question.

What I have suggested to my Republican friends is that they address the media via e-mail, twitter, Facebook and all other social media with “to the reporters who beat baby seals on the rocks I have the following question. The media will not respond but they will not forget that more and more people see their blatant bias and maybe they might try to be a little less biased in their so-called reporting.

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