Do you remember?

I remember reading a cartoon in the paper with two boxes. In the first box was a man giving instructions to his dog on a behavioral problem and the dog was appearing to listen intensely. In the second box the little cloud above the dog reflected what he heard and that was “blah, blah, blah, blah.”

I feel like for the last three weeks in particular I’ve been listening to that blah, blah, blah with coverage of the story on budget and debt limits debate by “everyone.”

The vast majority of the people reporting on TV, Radio and Print tell us the Republican Party and the conservative movement have lost the political battle and lost it badly. Many of the reports state that this political loss by the Republican Party is the death of that party. I don’t think it is quite that bad. In fact I believe the Democrat Party would be truly distressed if the Republican Party did fold because they would have no one else to blame if their programs run into problems. For example I believe that if the ACA program proves to have more than just [as the press calls it] a few glitches the Democrats will need the opposition party to blame for a lack of funds to support the ACA. They will content that with a few more billions of dollars they can hire the necessary people or companies from the private sector to fix the ACA implementation problems.

There is another reason I believe the Republican Party isn’t dieing or dead and that is the basics they represent strike a responsive cord with the voters on three issues, a 17 trillion dollar debt, a suspicion that the ACA won’t work because the government has a clear track record of failure on program implementations and a concern that the motivations for new and needed immigration laws are flawed. I believe there is a conservative move across all party lines that will want to address the big three items on the Republican agenda, a move that transcends party affiliations and the more and more popular category of independents. I can only give one concrete example of this contention that there is a conservative movement and that is that 30 states have elected Republican governors regardless of the party voting patterns in any given state and by the way gerrymandering has nothing to do with elections for governors. The obvious one I can refer to is the Christie Governorship in New Jersey where the party registration is solidly Democrat and yet they elected a Republican Governor. Times that by 29 and you have a real, conservative, let’s get things done approach at the state and local level. I believe it is a matter of time before that conservative movement shows itself on the national scene.

My point is it may be premature to bury the Republican Party if the American public does care about a 17 trillion dollar debt, implementation of the ACA and fair and honest immigration laws.

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