Women are the only majority minority in our country. While social morays are ever changing in favor of women as a force in our country there is still a problem in the area of politics. Even the glass ceiling for women in business is cracking at an ever-accelerating rate, witnesses the first President of GM but probably more importantly the leads in technologies companies are being filled with women. Sounds pretty positive but there is a shortfall, politics.

Women have made some strides in being elected and achieving key roles in government decisions. Still the power potential for women is unlimited. Will there be a woman President of our country, of course there will but not necessarily Hillary. This is not an indictment of Hillary but rather a realty check. Man or woman if you have too much exposure in the press you will become the subject of controversial issues like birth control, government interference with state laws, past decisions that resulted in “scandals.” Again these rules apply to men as well s women and so it is logical that Hillary wants to defer her announcement to run for President until it is closer to election time. There is in my opinion another problem for women and that is other woman. I’ve seen it many times in business where a competent woman reporting to another woman will be road blocked within the organization. This happens more with women on women than it does women on men. For this reason I believe women will have to work harder and build better alliances with other women in order for them to successfully get elected and run segments of the government.

It only makes sense that women will be the majority decision makers in the U.S. government eventually. Will they do a better job than the currently male dominated government, I don’t know. I would expect that they would fall victim to the trappings of power that come with influence in the government. I expect to see the press [which is and will be dominated by women] writing stories about illegal off shore purchases, influencing business laws to help family members or businesses, witness Max Flowers or Nancy Pelosi, after all they are only human. I guess that’s the key, they are human and they deserve the right to be represented by their sisters and so women are on a path to rule or at least share in the rule of our country, accept it, it might work out well.


You would have to be deaf, dumb and blind not to see the mainstream media’s attack on Chris Christie. Now I don’t care about Chris one way or another but I do think it highlights my concern and other conservatives about media bias. I understand more on air and print column inches have been devoted to the Christie story in one week than all coverage on the IRS scandal for a year. The point of my comment is that the mainstream media has a clear and powerful impact on the publics’ perception of politicians, governing issues and “underlying” implications of actions taken and not taken by political leaders and their respective parties. It is also clear that persons espousing conservative views are looked at with a jaundiced eye by the mainstream press. The issue I’m most concerned about is the old line attributed to German leaders in world war two, tell a lie often enough and with conviction and it will become true. This concern for me is particularly important in the state primary elections. Allow me to give you an example.

Yesterday, Chuck Todd on MSNBC highlighted a story about the race in district 13 of Florida, a so-called purple state that could swing to the right or the left on key political issues. Chuck pointed out that republican congressmen Bill Young had recently passed away and there was considerable speculation on the individual who was endorsed by Bill’s widow to take Bill’s role as congressman from the 13th district. Chuck pointed out that it was rumored the widow was a “character’ with a strong voice on politics. Chuck didn’t reference his source but planted the thought that she might be a problem for the republicans in the upcoming primary elections. Further Chuck went on to point out that in Bill’s past life he had been married before and had three children and that there was rumors of scandal surrounding the divorce and Bills ethics associated with that divorce and his children. Again no source provided by Chuck except innuendo and speculation. Chuck went on to reference the potential democratic opponent, a woman whom according to Chuck didn’t live in district 13 but recently rented a house or apartment in the district. Chuck speculated that he didn’t think [nice to have his unbiased opinion] it would hurt her in the general election.

So there you have it, a picture painted by a left leaning TV commentator of a former republican congressmen who served his district well by all accounts but in death may, according to Chuck Todd be the basis for scandal from his current wife and his divorce from several years past. The local press and the democrat opponents will jump on this “national” TV coverage to muddy the waters of the republican primary in the 13th district of Florida. Not on like the Christie story the power of an angry and some times frightened liberal press can and will be brought to bear on primary congressional races, particularly for the Republican Party.

I remember when I worked on the Goldwater for President campaign in California how afraid the liberal press was afraid of the potential power the Goldwater conservative wing might have in governing this country. It compares to the hatred and fear the mainstream press has for the Tea Party. I believe in part this mindset is what drives people like Chuck Todd to bury conservative candidates with reports based on rumors and fear. We must stop it.

The only way we can force the mainstream media to temper their attacks on conservative ideas and candidates is to make our anger know to network and publishing ownership, program producers and advertisers how unhappy we are. Mail, e-mail, twitter, call and make your objections known. Take issue with editorials in your local paper or on your local radio and TV stations and cause these press outlets to express your opinions on key political and governmental issues. Do something!

What is that old French saying?

Ah yes, you get what you vote for…….or maybe they didn’t know what they were voting for. 


Today the French President, Francois Hollande is giving his “state of the union” speech.  The American press is interested in the French presses coverage of this speech because they hope the French President will discuss his alleged affair with a French movie star. 


The American press is not interested in the fact that this French President has an even lower approval rate than Obama, an approval rate of 20%.  Do you recall when he was elected he ran on a platform of a 75% personal income tax rate on the higher income earners in his country.  Many liberals in this country championed this approach as a method of spreading the wealth and lessening the burden on the poor in our country. 


As might be expected the higher income tax rates drove many affluent citizens from the France and the increase in taxes did not help solve the problems of the French economy.  Witness President Hollande’s 20% approval rating.


However the real story is that the American press wants to hear about the alleged affair not the failure of another socialist policy so favored by the liberal press and the left leaning members of the democrat party.  Don’t forget this press coverage by our mainstream media as we address the primaries for the 2014 senate and house elections.