What is that old French saying?

Ah yes, you get what you vote for…….or maybe they didn’t know what they were voting for. 


Today the French President, Francois Hollande is giving his “state of the union” speech.  The American press is interested in the French presses coverage of this speech because they hope the French President will discuss his alleged affair with a French movie star. 


The American press is not interested in the fact that this French President has an even lower approval rate than Obama, an approval rate of 20%.  Do you recall when he was elected he ran on a platform of a 75% personal income tax rate on the higher income earners in his country.  Many liberals in this country championed this approach as a method of spreading the wealth and lessening the burden on the poor in our country. 


As might be expected the higher income tax rates drove many affluent citizens from the France and the increase in taxes did not help solve the problems of the French economy.  Witness President Hollande’s 20% approval rating.


However the real story is that the American press wants to hear about the alleged affair not the failure of another socialist policy so favored by the liberal press and the left leaning members of the democrat party.  Don’t forget this press coverage by our mainstream media as we address the primaries for the 2014 senate and house elections.

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